Seika Artist File #1: Flickering Creatures

Kyoto Seika University Gallery Terra-S is pleased to present “Seika Artist File #1: Flickering Creatures,” a group exhibition that utilizes the characteristics of the gallery space and introduce the university’s graduates and faculty members who are working as artists.

Opened in February 2022, Gallery Terra-S features a spacious and unique exhibition area with large glass windows that incorporate the outside landscape as part of the space. Its name, Terra-S, comes from the Latin word terra, which means soil, land, or earth, and Seika’s initial.

With a focus on flora and fauna that live on the land, the first edition of the “Seika Artist File” exhibition series features seven artists who employ these motifs in their work: Ikegami Yoriyuki, Imamura Hajime, Kinukawa Yasunori, Noda Jusmin, Funai Misa, mirocomachiko, and Yasuki Masako.

Flora and fauna have long served as an important means for artists to reflect on and delve deeper into the relationship between humans and the world. While the participating artists in this exhibition come from different generations and use different forms of expression and mediums, all the creatures depicted in their works temporarily free us from our day-to-day lives and lead us to a world of imagination and creativity.

We hope that all of the creatures flickering in the exhibition space, including the nature around this lush green campus seen through the gallery’s glass windows, will stimulate viewers’ senses and stir the power of their imagination.

Yoriyuki Ikegami Hajime Imamura Yasunori Kinukawa Jusmin Noda Misa Funai mirocomachiko Masako Yasuki
Kyoto Seika University
ITO Mayumi (Specially Appointed Lecturer, Center for Exhibition Planning, Kyoto Seika University/ Gallery Terra-S Curator)
Exhibition Coordination
SAITO Masahiro (Exhibition Coordinator)
Graphic Design
URUSHIHARA Yuichi (tento)
Kyoto Seika University Gallery Terra-S
Seika Artist File #1: Flickering Creatures

Photo : TAKANO Tomomi