im/pulse: Vincent Moon, contact Gonzo, and the Anthro-film Laboratory

Today, as artistic expression becomes more diverse, it is extremely important to use broad perspectives and knowledge to interpret its depths. Since the 90s, the world has seen many works questioning the signification of cultural differences and ‘the other’, using anthropological methods such as field work. As a part of the next development, expressions dealing with not only linguistics, but also deep sensations and sensibilities, using knowledge and technology from a broad range of academic study, are garnering interest.

This event is an open seminar and experiment, featuring Vincent Moon, a film director whose approach is outstanding from an ethnomethodology perspective, contact Gonzo, who has received acclaim both domestically and from abroad for performances, films, photographs, and more, which begin with improvised physical contact, and Itsushi Kawase (associate professor at the National Museum of Ethnology) and his research group ‘Anthro-film Laboratory’.
People from fields such as film, art, cultural anthropology, and more will gather at the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA, where we will attempt to create an important opportunity to broaden and develop the traditional architecture of each field.