Teppei Kaneuji | Romantic Barricade

Teppei Kaneuji’s work stems from scholarly contemplation of what sculptures can be, yet outwardly it assumes an appearance that is contemporarily fantastical and fun. “White Discharge,” for instance, uses the ubiquitous plastic readymade objects such as animation figurine, wash basin, clothes hanger and even toilet plunger from our neighborhood children’s toy stores, IKEA and hardware stores. He begins by taking them apart, reassemble, then pouring white resin over them to create an otherworldly conglomerate. By stripping these objects from their original functions, roles and definitions, Kaneuji thereby proposes new connections and orders to stretch our imagination. Other series to be shown include “Mello Gold,” “How to Disappear Incompletely,” “Hard Boiled Day Dreams,” “Games, Dance and Constructions” and more. If destruction can bring about new beginnings, Kaneuji takes the concept of collage to a whole different level to discuss the relationship between man and object, material and space, life and natural phenomenon, while transporting us from our immediate reality to an inventive world where unlimited new possibilities abound.