Yoriyuki Ikegami

Born in 1993, painter and illustrator Ikegami Yoriyuki graduated from the Cartoon Art Course of Kyoto Seika University’s Faculty of Manga in 2016. Ikegami’s work features fantastical plants, animals, and minerals that evoke stories. In addition to illustrations for books and CD jackets, Ikegami also does character design for films. Selected for the “Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition” in 2019, Ikegami’s recent major output includes character design for the film Belle, book design for Geoglyph (Shoshikankanbou) by Hashizume Shiho, and an CD jacket for Asagaya Romantics. Ikegami’s publications include PETALS (Popotame) and Ikegami Yoriyuki: Works (Genkosha).

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"stones in sleep" 2019