Keiji Uematsu “An Invitation to a Nonsensical Journey – Dreams of Seeing”

In addition to his sculptures which utilize iron, rock, glass, and the like, artist Keiji Uematsu produces works such as videos, photographs, and installations to express the structure of our world – nature, the Earth, and the universe – as well as our existence and relationship with such. 

After travelling around Kirishima and Sakurajima, Uematsu observed the way in which fire, earth, water, and air changed to take on various shapes, and how vast exchanges of energy were repeated, and was made acutely aware of the words of French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, who once said that: “The source of imagination is the physical”. 

This exhibit turns common sense on its head to create a miniature universe where words, thought, and sight form a single entity, and in doing so, presents a place of discovery that goes beyond Uematsu’s perception. Through works born out of the interface between the known and unknown, visitors will be taken on Uematsu’s journey beyond space and time, which seeks to find a new meaning in the world and our relationship to it. 

Keiji Uematsu
Kagoshima Prefecture Cultural Promotion Foundation/Minaminippon Shimbun Co., Ltd./Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (MBC)/Kagoshima Television Station Co., Ltd. (KTS)
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(Art-Hall) Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kagoshima Prefecture
Keiji Uematsu “An Invitation to a Nonsensical Journey – Dreams of Seeing”

Photo by : Takuma Uematsu