Keiji Uematsu

Born in Kobe City in 1947. Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, Kobe University in 1969. In the same year, he had his first solo exhibition at Gallery 16 in Kyoto, and was awarded the Kobe City Cultural Encouragement Prize in 1974.

In 1976, his first solo exhibition abroad was held at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to installation works using stone, wood, cloth, iron, glass, etc., his diverse activities include sculpture, photography, video and performance, consistently revealing the structure, existence and relationships of the world through the laws of invisible forces such as gravity, tension and attraction.

His works arise from a simple interest in human beings, the earth and the universe. He has produced a number of works that make us perceive the world, by for example grasping the existence of the space using his own body, and describing the relationship between people and objects.
He is currently based in Dusseldorf, Germany and Osaka, and has exhibited at museums, galleries, and public spaces in Japan and abroad. He continues to be active internationally.

<Selected public collection>
・Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama
・The National Museum of Art, Osaka 
・Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art
・Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya City
・Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka
・Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
・Moderna Museet 
・The Museum of Modern Art, New York
・Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art
・ Pinault Collection  
 and many others

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Takuma Uematsu