Tsuyoshi Hisakado | Practice of Spiral

Toyota Municipal Museum of Art will present the first major solo exhibition in Japan of the up-and- coming artist Tsuyoshi Hisakado (b. 1981, Kyoto).

Hisakado collects various phenomena of life, the memories of particular locations, and evidence of history, harnessing these elements as fragments of sound, light, and sculptural forms to create spaces that quietly yet powerfully affect the physical senses of the viewer. His work, which encourages us to refine our perceptions and poses metaphorical questions about the concepts of eternity and uniqueness latent in physical objects, has attracted widespread acclaim at home and abroad.

This exhibition utilizes the highly distinctive interior of the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, taking place across four rooms and an approximate total 1,000 square meters, and featuring newly commissioned installations that respond to each of the spaces.

The exhibition is called “Practice of Spiral.” What is perceived as a circle when seen from directly above is, we realize for the first time, actually a spiral if we change perspective and view it sculpturally. This richly rewarding exhibition allows visitors to encounter these kinds of personal discoveries of space and time or experiences ushering in newly expanded sensations, hosted in the architecture of the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art and its galleries arranged in a spiral shape.

As society descends into a state of yet more chaos and confusion, we hope visitors enjoy the world of Tsuyoshi Hisakado’s art, which has continued to demonstrate a consistent regard for the beauty of things.

Tsuyoshi Hisakado
Toyota Municipal Museum of Art

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