Koji Nakazono|On the Edge–Places I wanted to see

Koji Nakazono (1989~2015) left behind countless works in a variety of styles and techniques from the time he was a student at the Tokyo University of the Arts. As a productive painter who had created a series of transgressive and lively images one after another, he continues to have a significant impact on many people through his works showcased at major exhibitions held after his early death, including “Japanorama” (Centre Pompidou-Metz, 2017) and the “7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art” (New Tretyakov Gallery, 2017). Nakazono had indicated that the motivation behind his paintings was “a landscape he had wished to see which can be vaguely gleaned from the finished surface.” His works are packed with images that do not disclose themselves to sight but reside within the frames of his paintings and live on through humorous and uncanny figures created through vibrant colors and a wide variety of materials. This exhibition is the first solo exhibition of Koji Nakazono, who has close affinities to Yokosuka, to be held at the museum. Around 50 of his works will be on display, through which visitors will be offered a rare opportunity to experience the vivid and variegated world created by his paintings.