10th anniversary, Coconut, Banana tree, Memorial, Sulfur, Storytelling, Arrangement, Perfect, Hyper trace, Third.

Voir là in Time Zones Project Fulfill Art Space 10th Anniversary Special Projects Part III

Project Fulfill Art Space presents part III of our 10th Anniversary Special Projects Voir là in Time Zones, curated by Huang Chien-Hung as part of a series of exhibitions celebrating the gallery’s 10th anniversary throughout 2018. The exhibition titled 10th anniversary, Coconut, Banana tree, Memorial, Sulfur, Storytelling, Arrangement, Perfect, Hyper trace, Third., presents Chou Yu-Cheng’s collaborative project with four artists working across different mediums: Hsieh Mu-Chi, Syu Jia-Jhen, Yang Chi-Chuan and Wang Fujui. The exhibition unfolds over the course of five weeks, where a new work is added to the gallery space each week, creating an accumulative progression through to the final week of the exhibition.

Each artist’s work is related to the idea of ‘the past’; Hsieh Mu-Chi’s paintings portray a montage of styles from Taiwanese artists of an earlier generation, Syu Jia-Jhen’s sculptures reinterpret the pedestals of monuments inherited from the Japanese era, Yang Chi-Chuan’s storytelling work creates connectivity through our personal memory banks, Wang Fujui’s sound installation reinterprets the early use of video frames, while Chou Yu-Cheng revisits his previous work Flowers for Opening for the celebration of Project Fulfill Art Space’s 10th anniversary.

The unique art of flower arranging is created through the trimming and adjustment of the leaves, flowers or seeds of different kinds of plants, at the same time paying consideration to the type of vase or vessel for display. This group exhibition uses the concept of flower arranging to bring together the work of five artists, and through their unique art practices including painting, sculpture, storytelling, conceptual and sound art, explores the spatial characters that informs the development of the exhibition. The slow and careful addition of each element in flower arranging lends the exhibition its defining characteristic. The exhibition’s time-based format emphasizes each artist’s individual entity, while evoking Project Fulfill Art Space’s evolution over the last decade.