Keiji Uematsu: Ways of Touching the Invisible-Intuition

In 1969, after graduating from the Fine Arts Department of the Faculty of Education at Kobe University, Keiji Uematsu participated in the first International Exhibition of Modern Sculpture, going on to hold his first solo exhibition at Gallery 16. He has produced a number of works which help us perceive the world, such as pieces that utilize his body to depict space and the relationship between people and objects.
In this exhibition, Uematsu will present an installation work which was only possible at this establishment after spending a year deciphering the space and structure of the museum. The exhibition also includes sculptures, drawings, and photographs, creating a space for Uematsu to think about the structure, existence, and relationships within the world (which he has used his career to reveal through the laws of invisible forces like gravity, tension, and attraction) in terms beyond time and space.
We believe that directing our attention to the invisible and hidden things beyond our perception allows us to create a path with our own hands. We hope that are able to deepen your thinking through an intuitive dialogue with his works, allowing you to find a new way to perceive the world.

Artist’s message
The invisible axis of the Earth
I want to discover something new by looking at the structure, existence, and relationships found within the world. I have worked with the hope of making the invisible visible. Sometimes it is an interest in invisible universal forces, like the gravity or attraction between things, and sometimes it is a simple interest in fundamental or cosmic forces. It is question of human existence as nature, the earth, and the universe surround it.
                        Keiji Uematsu, 2002