Takehito Koganezawa Naked Theater

“KAAT EXHIBITION” is a new intersection of art and performing arts proposed by the theatre.

In 2019, which is the 4th time, various programs will be exhibited under the theme of “Naked Theater”, centered on the solo exhibition of artist Takehito Koganezawa.Open

Takehito Koganezawa, who moved to Berlin in 1999 and lived abroad for more than 18 years, has been enthusiastically Production Manager and presenting activities around the world, focusing on the existence of things and the structure of consciousness.

“Naked Theater”. Koganezawa says it’s a “naked theatre.”

The black box of a theatre is usually filled with some kind of performance, and the actors, scripts, Lighting Designer and Sound Designer equipment have their own missions to imitate the performance. Koganezawa regarded KAAT’s stage Lighting Designer, Sound Designer equipment, smoke scenes, etc. as body organs, and focused on revealing exposed theatre rather than “performances.”

“Naked Theater” was created while covering what is happening every day behind the performance, from a lot of equipment and the staff who move it, as well as carrying in and out of the stage set, previewing the Venue, electrical work to pre-production training. .. Through Koganezawa’s installation, KAAT actively asks questions about the alternative way of theatre space.