Ma Yansong / MAD Architects | TUNNEL OF LIGHT

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2018

Kiyotsukyo Tunnel, one of the must-visit places in Echigo-Tsumari, has been redesigned by MAD Architects who have created a new entrance to refurbish the adjacent facility. The design regards the tunnel as a submarine, insulated from the external environment, and the entrance facility as a periscope overlooking the outside world. This periscope acts as both a reception and cafe space on the ground floor as well as an ashi-yu (foot-bath) on the upper level. Looking up while sitting in the foot-bath, you will see the natural landscape through the periscope above. Is the periscope a window, hole, or mirror? What questions does it ask?

Light Cave
A lookout platform in the middle of 750m-long tunnel presents a magnificent scenery of the gorge, while the panoramic station at the end of the tunnel presents works by MAD Architects. A wondrous view of the inverted landscape of Kiyotsukyo reflected in a pool awaits visitors at the end of the tunnel.