Takashi Kuribayashi’s solo exhibition

At Nizayama Forest Art Museum in Toyama, Japan, Takashi Kuribayashi built a large installation named “GENKI-RO” which means Energy Plant in Japanese. (“GENKI-RO” is a rhyming word for “GENSHI-RO” meaning Nuclear Reactor).

From his experience of staying in Germany, which has a history of a division between East and West Germany, Takashi Kuribayashi has created a work whose theme is “boundary.”

It will be awaken the different aspects of things from various viewpoints.

His project “GENKI-RO” was in the back of his mind as he spent many years of research at Fukushima. He took 2021, it’s been ten years since Great East Japan Earthquake, as his opportunity to realize his project at this exhibition in the space of a former power plant.

The “GENKI-RO” created at this exhibition is assumed to be his first installation. He plans to create up to 55 of these installations, the same as the number of nuclear reactors in Japan.