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Jean-Paul Goude has been widely recognised since the 1980s as a multitalented “image maker” photographer, graphic artist, designer and film director. His vibrant avant-garde style incorporates sexuality and humour into illusory works and iconic advertisements. Still active today at 77, Goude continues his many collaborations with influential magazines and famous brands. In addition to this first full-scale solo exhibition of Goude’s photographs and installations in Japan, Kyotographie proudly presents a re-staging of the dance spectacle Hommage aux bijoux Chanel, which he choreographed for an exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 2012.

About KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photographie Festival

KYOTOGRAPHIE, held in the spring in the ancient city of Kyoto,is one of the few truly international artistic events taking place in Japan. While honoring its millennium of history and tradition, Kyoto is at the same time a leading light of culture on an international scale.

Valuable collections of photography and works by internationally renowned artists are exhibited in elegant, historic buildings as well as modern architectural spaces. Some shows feature the work of traditional artisans, while others highlight collaborations with the most modern technology. The exhibitions are presented outside the traditional galley format and work in harmony with the spaces in which they reside. Our goal is to present a multifaceted photography festival that cannot be found anywhere else but Kyoto.

Jean-Paul Goude
quoted from KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018 Official Website
The Museum of Kyoto Annex
KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018 - Jean-Paul Goude

Thumbnail Image : Jean-Paul Goude, So Far So Goude, The Museum of Kyoto Annex © Takeshi Asano-KYOTOGRAPHIE 2018