Chronotope in the City of Fog

Half a century has passed since 1970, when “Progress and Harmony for Mankind” was celebrated. Now, we have arrived at a crossroads which cannot be handled with the framework provided thus far.

This project was created as a joint project between Fujiko Nakaya and Shiro Takatani.
Nakaya has produced fog sculptures all over the world, beginning with an unveiling at the Pepsi Pavilion at the Osaka Expo. Takatani is from Dumb Type.

The base for the project is the former site of an apartment complex in Higashikujo Kitakawara, located southeast of Kyoto Station. This region has been greatly transformed due to chaos and discrimination during the prewar and postwar periods and land sharking and urban development during the bubble economy. At the same time, the region has nurtured a culture of multicultural symbiosis, in which differences are mutually accepted and supported.

Fog sculptures are created with pure water and not chemicals. The encounter between a fog sculpture and Higashikujo will be something that will provide us with a new point of view regarding the fiduciary relationship between people and between humans and nature.