Ken+Julia Yonetani | That Is Why I Want To Be Saved

Ken and Julia’s creations, which combine beauty, humor, and poison, focus heavily on sociality, which is an important element of modern art. We believe that this makes them a perfect fit for the grand opening exhibition of Kadokawa Culture Museum (Edit and Art Gallery), a place which moves back and forth between reality and imagination.
Their creations, which are also concerned with science and legends, further connect to the philosophy of Kadokawa Culture Museum, which aims to take back the human ability to imagine and become a starting point for the creation of a new world. The “I” in the subtitle “That is Why I Want to Be Saved” may refer not only to the artists Ken and Julia, but also to we ourselves, or perhaps all living things on Earth.
Living together with environmental destruction, climate change, a pandemic, economic trends, and numerous other fears, we have sought a savior since ancient times and have depicted and carved the appearance of this savior until now.
How will we who are living in the present face our fears?
How will our “desire to be saved” be fulfilled?
This eternal question that we face will likely be evoked in their group of creations, which possess both beauty and poison.

Ken+Julia Yonetani
Kadokawa Culture Museum
Ken+Julia Yonetani | That Is Why I Want To Be Saved

Thumbnail : Kei Miyajima ©Ken + Julia YonetaniCourtesy of the Artists and Mizuma ArtGallery

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