MIYANAGA Aiko | Rowing Style

Aiko Miyanaga’s first large-scale solo exhibition at Shikoku; an artist at the forefront of Japanese contemporary art. Using naphthalene; a material that sublimes at room temperature, Miyanaga expresses “the world that continues to exist through constant change”. Miyanaga is an artist who receives a lot of international attention, and has been selected to participate in the Setouchi Triennale 2019.

In this exhibition, with the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea and and the accumulated histories of the people who resided on the area as a theme, she show nine installations, including the series “Letter” and “life,” will be presented. In addition, a new installation pieces made from “sanukite” – an exquisite stone from the Sanuki region that has a distinctive, clear sound – as well as the piece “Rowing style II”.

Miyanaga imagines each of us, facing the constantly changing world, as a traveling boat floating on the sea, and the exhibition title “Rowing Style” is a nautical word referring to the skill of rowing. Through countless years, the islands that surround us keep changing and shimmering. And we, too, spinning out lives every day and adding generations with every effort, change the scenery little by little.

We hope that you enjoy Miyanaga’s unique work, which is a reminder of the world by the sea, and of the traces of time.

(Quoted from Takamatsu Art Museum website)