Mishima Kimiyo: Play Watch Create

Mishima Kimiyo (1932- ), with studios in Osaka City and Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, is known for her innovative work: ceramic expressions of newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and other material. Her work and creative career have evolved while spanning the worlds of ceramic expression and contemporary art.

Mishima began as a painter. In the 1960s she began to attract attention for her two-dimensional collages that applied scraps of magazines and newspapers to the canvas. In time she began to explore expressions of newspaper pages transferred to ceramic surfaces.

In a society inundated with information and mass consumption, Mishima’s work takes a humorous approach to the huge volume of newspapers, advertising flyers, and trash that is manufactured only to be discarded. At the same time, she conveys her view of the problems of modern society. Today, over 90 years of age, Mishima’s creative energy is still powered by her curiosity, and her international acclaim continues to grow.

This is Mishima Kimiyo’s largest solo exhibition to date. We introduce the creative world that Mishima envisions and continues to challenge, from her early works to her latest creations, including some never seen by the public before.

Mishima Kimiyo
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu
The Chunichi Shimbun
Ms. Kato Satoko
Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu
MISHIMA KIMIYO : Play Watch Create

Photo by : Miyagawa Kunio