Tsuyoshi Maekawa

Born: Osaka, 1936
Period of Membership in GUTAI : 1962-1972

Maekawa graduated from the design department of Osaka Prefectural Kogei Senior High School. He was influenced by Yoshio Hayakawa and Makoto Nakamura, who attended the same school, prompting him to submit works to the Modern Art Association. He joined the Gutai Art Association after meeting Shozo Shimamoto at the Modern Art Association around 1957 and Yasuo Sumi at Toyosaki Junior High School around 1958, respectively.
He first exhibited at the 8th Gutai Art Exhibition in 1959, adopting burlap as a material, which he then cut, scalloped into pleats, sewed, and pasted onto the canvas.
As he continued to produce works, the undulations of the burlap became larger, and he made further use of the materiality of the burlap fibers.
In his works, colors are superimposed on a canvas that creates unevenness with free movement.