Tomoko Konoike

Tomoko Konoike uses a variety of familiar media from animation, paintings, picture books, and sculpture, to handicrafts, fairy tales, and song, travelling to create her works alongside specific landscapes or seasons and working to consistently question the fundamentals of art.

Her major solo exhibitions include “Primordial Violence”, held at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall and two other venues from 2015 to 2017 (recipient of the 2016 Japanese Ministry of Education Art Encouragement Prize), “Hunter Gatherer”, held at Akita Museum of Modern Art, FLIP, held at Artizon Museum in 2020 (recipient of the 2020 Mainichi Art Award), and more.
She was born in Akita Prefecture in 1960.

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Tomoko Konoike
Photo by :
Satoshi Nagare