Satoshi Tai

Born: Takarazuka city, Hyogo,1939. Died:1971
Period of Membership in GUTAI: 1965-1969

Tai, who had been studying under Sadamasa Motonaga since 1963, became acquainted with the Gutai group from the 14th Gutai Art Exhibition the following year, becoming an official member in 1965. His paintings, which were established as “concise but not simple, the colors being beautiful, yet powerful”(Jiro Yoshihara) shortly after he became a member, were psychedelic and could not help but to disturb the viewer’s vision.
Tai, who had focused mostly on two-dimensional pieces, was said to have attracted particular attention from among the members when Gutai participated in the International Art Dealers’ Exhibition in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1966. In 1967, he held a solo exhibition at the Gutai Pinacotheca, and was expected to progress even further in the future had he not died suddenly in 1971.