Nakamura Soshi

Born in Kumamoto in 1991. Spent his childhood in Amakusa, and currently lives and works in Tokyo and Kyoto. He has been presenting works that cross various media, including two-dimensional, three-dimensional, performance, and stage, with a focus on video installations. Referencing motifs from traditional culture and the hand gestures characteristic of Japanese films, he takes a poetic approach to the events that occur in the transitions of movement and time, as in a road movie, and the relationships and stories woven into them. He is also active as a member of the video art collective MANTLE (Shu Isaka + Soshi Nakamura), which explores video expression.

Recent major exhibitions include “Dance in the Haze” (The 5th Floor, Tokyo, 2023) and “somnium” (VACANT, Tokyo, 2019). Major group exhibitions include “Standing Ovation” (ACAO SPA & RESORT, Shizuoka, 2021) and “end of summer open studio” (Yale Union, Portland, USA, 2019). Major performances include “Eternal Vacation” (MOA Museum of Art Noh Theater, Shizuoka, 2022)

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"KAIKI" / 2021 / video installation