Miki Maaya

Artist. Based in Tokyo. Work involves selecting the most apt medium and presentation method to the purpose. Ongoing studies take a broad view of the world in which we live as well as the existence and relationships involved within. In addition to the ongoing project “Walk to home with blowing soap bubbles on 3.11″(2012~), her major exhibitions in recent years include solo exhibition “Caesalpinia pulcherrima” (2019, RED AND BLUE gallery/Tokyo), solo exhibition “Hymn of birth” (2017, gallery to plus/Tokyo. Part of Critical Selfies by Yukiko Shikata). Selected for “Gunma Biennale Exhibition for young people in 2015”. 2019 Artist in Residence at Langgeng Art Foundation (Indonesia).

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Maaya Miki
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"Walk to home with blowing soap bubbles on 3.11" 2020(Photo by Ujin Matsuo)