Mihara Soichiro

Media artist. Based in Kyoto. Mihara Soichiro is a media artist based in Kyoto, Japan, who presents systems that are open to the world and attempts to reinterpret materials and phenomena such as sound, bubbles, radiation, rainbows, microorganisms, moss, air currents, soil, water, and electrons into “art. He has traveled to 13 locations in 8 countries, from the heart of art to extreme environments, from the Arctic Circle to the rainforest, from military borders to bio-art labs. His solo exhibitions include “A World Filled with Blank” (2013, Bethanien/Germany; 2016, Kyoto Art Center/Kyoto) and “Sound Art” (2012, ZKM/Germany). He is a juror of Prix Ars Electronica 2019 and a finalist of the Nissan Art Award 2020.

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Soichiro Mihara
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"Res nullius"2020(Photo by Keizo Kioku, Courtesy of Nissan Art Award 2020)