Masatoshi Masanobu

Born: Kochi, 1911
Period of Membership in GUTAI : 1954-1972

Masanobu graduated from the advanced course at Kochi Normal School [a teacher’s college], later working as a teacher in Kochi, Tokyo, and Kobe.
He met Jiro Yoshihara at the Kobe Shimin Bijutsu Kyoshitsu [Kobe Citizen’s Art School] and later apprenticed under him. In 1953, he exhibited at the 6th Ashiya City Exhibition. In 1954, he participated in the formation of the Gutai Art Association. In 1957, he moved to Nishinomiya, where he set up an atelier. He consistently worked to create tableaus and was active as an early member of Gutai for 18 years. He created pieces with repeating forms, centered around calm colors such as black, ocher, and dark brown. From around the late 1960s, his work underwent an evolution, with the canvas beginning to be divided into several color planes. Masanobu’s method of creation, which involved single-mindedly facing the tableau, was unique among the many Gutai artists using new materials and unique painting methods.