Kanamori Yoshiaki

Spatial Designer/Artist. Based in Tokyo. Aims to express spatially the ways that we regard natural phenomena as clues about how to feel “the reality of being here” and the ways that life is an extension of those feelings. Also working actively on the “Oku Project”, a collaboration of three artists and designers. Major exhibitions include “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2019” (2019, Tokyo University of the Arts Museum/Tokyo), “Contemporary Art Foundation Award 2020” Winners Exhibition (2020, Daikanyama Hillside Forum/Tokyo) (Oku Project). Winner of the “COMITÉ COLBERT AWARD 2019” Grand Prix in 2019 and “26th Campus Genius Contest” Yasuaki Kakehi Jury Prize (Oku Project) in 2021.

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Yoshiaki Kanamori
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"Memory of sense" 2019