Atsuko Tanaka

Born: Osaka, 1932. Died: 2005
Period of Membership in GUTAI : 1955-1965

Tanaka was admitted to the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts Art Institute, where she met Akira Kanayama and Kazuo Shiraga.
Following this, she entered Kyoto Municipal College of Arts (now Kyoto City University of Arts), only to leave around half a year later and rejoin the Institute.
She later participated in the “Zero-Kai” [Zero Society] formed by Kanayama and went on to join the Gutai Art Association.
During the 1950s, she continued to attract attention by producing experimental works such as pieces made from giant fluttering pink rayon, pieces made from collages and slits in yellow cotton cloth, pieces incorporating the piercing ring of loud bells, and clothes-like structures incorporating flickering light bulbs and tubes. These light bulbs and cords developed into tableaus with circles of varying sizes connected by countless lines, garnering high praise both domestically and abroad.