Aine Kinashi

Born: Tokyo, 1929. Died: 1986
Period of Membership in GUTAI: 1965-1968

Aine Kinashi’s real name is Aiko Shiotani. After graduating from the Osaka School of Music (now Osaka College of Music), he went on to study at the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts Art Institute in 1951. In 1955, he participated in the “Experimental Outdoor Exhibition of Modern Art to Challenge the Mid-Summer Sun” but did not become a member of Gutai at this point. He formed the group ”Delta” in 1957 and ”Tempo” in 1962. Following this, he became a member of Gutai along with Masaya Sakamoto, who was active in both groups.
Kinashi devoted himself to the theme of music in his work. ”Sustained bass = Orgelpunkt”, is notated with ”blue” notes, rather than black or white notes. It can be said that the existence of sheet music in Gutai was somewhat peculiar, in that sheet music = symbolic. Kinashi left Gutai in 1968 to concentrate on his musical career and returned to painting later in life.